dalamtianphotoJust in the bark, meow, neigh and the nick of time.

With AVMA data showing productivity dropping by 25% as a result of the pandemic, it's clear that veterinary practices urgently need an efficiency boost. And that's precisely what you'll get with ePrescribing through FDB Vela. The first electronic drug prescribing network specifically designed for veterinary workflows, this is medication ordering made simple. Reducing paperwork and problems. Speeding ordering and fulfillment. Improving accuracy. Helping make pet patients healthier, their parents happier, and their trusted DVMs looking to a better and less stressful way to provide quality care.


8 invaluable advantages.

  • Brings the demonstrated ease of ePrescribing to veterinary practices.

  • Enables veterinary practice information management system (PIMS) users to choose optimal medications, answer clients’ questions, and direct prescriptions to the appropriate pharmacies.

  • Simplifies the prescription process for pet parents and dramatically improves order fulfillment time.

  • Reduces data-entry time for veterinary practice staff so they can focus more on patient care and increasing throughput.  

  • Eliminates expensive, resource-intensive processes to dispense medications internally.

  • Opens a new source of prescriptions for participating pharmacies.

  • Provides PIMS developers with new revenue streams. 

  • Improves pet medication compliance and pet parent satisfaction.


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