Asking “what if” again.
And again.

whats next

Starting at launch, you’ll find that the FDB Vela ePrescribing network gives you a dynamic new choice in the way you and your organization prescribes, reviews, authorizes, and delivers medications. But that’s just the beginning of the radiant constellation of reasons to take advantage of this high-value option:

Capitalizing on continuous innovation.

By opting in now, you’ll be able to take immediate advantage of an ongoing stream of upgrades and additions to this increasingly robust connection.

Expanding access to knowledge.

Already on the drawing board: ways to provide integrated real-time access to other relevant FDB knowledge solutions and application, including clinical modules, medication order strings, targeted medication warnings, and more.

Leveraging the power of partnership.

Of course, we’re not stopping at the boundaries of our own resources. In fact, we’re proactively engaging with the universe of potential partners who can add their own ideas, insights, and technologies to the mix— including you.

Amplifying value, challenging the future.

Taken as a whole, FDB Vela provides a shining illustration of what happens when you look beyond present limitations to imagine something more. And then, having redefined what’s possible, challenging “what is” to go even further.

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